"My website doesn't get me any business at all"

That was the response of a plumber who had his website URL displayed on the side of his moving truck when I asked him how his website was doing 13 years ago.

He’s not the only one who got nothing out of the website he had built.

It’s disheartening when I hear that business owners spend their hard-earned money on a tool they hope will help them and just have either a terrible experience getting it done and maintaining it, or it ends up actually hurting their business rather than helping.

When I first started making websites 14 years ago, it was a hobby that I started dabbling in for fun. Then, the more I did it, the more it became a passion of mine. It allowed me to live in Vietnam for three years with just some clothes and a laptop. Later, it got me a job at an exciting start-up company. I would never have had those opportunities without my web design skills.

And along the way, I met designers, copywriters, developers, and entrepreneurs who made me better at my craft and whom I can call upon when I need extra talent for a project.

Travis Schneider

Web Designer, Client Manager,
Creator of Devenly Digital Marketing

“I don’t ever want to hear ‘I got my website built with Devenly…but it didn’t really help much.’ That would crush me.”

-Travis Schneider, creator of Devenly Digital Marketing

Devenly is a full-service marketing agency that focuses on web design, copywriting, content creation, and conversions to help businesses grow. I don’t ever want to hear “I got my website built with Devenly…but it didn’t really help much.” That would crush me. So…like Nick Fury from the Avengers movies, I’ve put a little team together.

The Team

Tom Flynn

Copywriter, Content Creator

Tom has been a content creator for over 17 years, gaining a million followers, and over 40 million combined views. He’s not only a viral marketing strategist but he’s also been a top-level copywriter for over eight years. When he’s not focused on digital marketing, he’s either working on his purple belt in jujitsu or playing in chess tournaments to become a grandmaster.

Carley Baldus

Designer, Quality Control

Not only is she a designer, but Carley makes sure the websites, content, and integrations we put together are actually good. She takes a step back and looks at things from a user perspective and tells us where we can improve.

And Ace…who is a very good boy

Janson Baldus

Systems Strategist, Troubleshooter

Sometimes websites and third-party applications don’t work together with just a few clicks. They need brain-power to all tie in together. Janson is one of the best at figuring out the technical side of a build while keeping the customer experience in mind.

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